There are over 200 vinyl window manufacturer's in Canada, and therefore many brands to choose from. We only offer to supply the best windows available to our customers. Rae-Lite Industries has been building windows here in Saskatchewan for decades; they have built a reputation which has provided a foundation for our business. They use the PH Tech Boreal System. PH Tech has set the Canadian standards in window PVC quality with their products. Rae-Lite also has a great warranty, so that you can rest assured that you've made the best choice with your investment.


When replacing windows we always recommend removing the entire window frame. This allows us to clean the rough opening, inspect the rough opening for water leaks or rotten wood, as well as properly seal the window to your building preventing any drafts from around the frame. Your old window will have little to no insulation, therefore replacing the entire frame adds great efficiency to your home.


Rae-Lite window profiles also have more chambers than any competing brand of windows. This allows us to install a stronger window, a superior energy performing window, and a window with great noise reduction capabilities. Our window supplier also boasts that they have the best weatherstripping method in the industry which creates the ultimate draft prevention for your window. They claim that, to date, they've never had to replace the weatherstripping on their windows. Please check out their website for all of their window options or contact us for more information.